All these courses are very important for your dive education and take a little time.

oxigen first aid

Oxygen first aid for scuba diving injuries

Recognize a dive injury, respond with emergency oxygen first aid and coordinate with emergency medical service. This entry level training is to better recognize possible dive related injuries and to provide emergency oxygen medical service (EMS)

first aid hazardous marine life injuries

First Aid for Hazardous Marine life Injuries

Identify hazardous marine life, Recognize possible injuries caused by hazardous marine life and provide emergency first aid. This course teaches divers to avoid hazardous marine life injuries, minimize these injuries and reduce discongort and pain. It also provides knowledge on specific types of injurie and the general first aid treatment for them.

automated external defibrillators

Automated External Defibrillators (AED´S) for scuba diving

Recognize the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest, administer basic life support and use AED, activate the local emergency medical services. Just as with CPR, you can use the skill you develop in this course anywhere a person who is in cardiac arrest.

neurological assessment divers

On-site Neurological assessment for divers

This course trains DAN oxygen providers divers to perform a basic neurological assessment on a potentially injured diver. The information gained during this assessment will: 1.- Provide a reliable system to judge the urgency of a dive emergency, depending on the symptom reported to them by the divers on the scene. 2.- Demonstrate to an injured diver that there is a problem, if one exits, that may help convince the diver of the need for first aid treatment such as oxygen first aid, aiding in the resolution system.

diving emergency managed provider program

Diving Emergency management Provider Program

The course includes Oxygen First Aid for Scuba diving injuries, Firs Aid for hazardous marine life injuries. Automated External Defibrillators (AED´S) for scuba diving and Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving injuries. After participating in the skills and knowledge development portions of this program, the students participate in an integrated scenario where they get the opportunity to bring together all the skills they learned in each segment into a single scenario.